Drift's Journey

Meet Drift – The Humpback Whale! Drift is a life-size juvenile humpback whale made entirely out of driftwood, by Alex Witcombe of “Drifted Creations”

If you’ve spent time touring around Campbell River, you may have noticed several other driftwood sculptures created by Alex, including a Raptor, a Racoon, Seal, Bear, Cougar, and even a Sasquatch!

We felt it was time to create something that really embodied the spirit and the essence of Campbell River, and wanted a way to give back to the community. What better icon than a Humpback Whale! What was originally a vision, was made a reality through the help of the Campbell River Association of Tour Operators. The Rotary and the City of Campbell River.

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The Big Move

The Humpback was created on Quadra Island, and moved via truck to it's new home in Ken Ford Park. The city has graciously installed a beautiful garden around Drift, along with some spotlights to help light it up at night!

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Name the Whale Contest

We ran a contest to decide on a name for our new Humpback, and although there were several great contenders, we felt 'Drift' really resonated with us.

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High Zoom Binoculars

When you come visit 'Drift', check out the high zoom binoculars that have been installed nearby, and you might even catch a glimpse of a real live humpback whale!

What We've Been Up To


The Whale Trail

Campbell River to join the Whale Trail, and be recognized as one of the best places for shore-based whale watching

Shoreline Clean Up

Campbell River Tour Operators come together to clean over 350km of shoreline, picking up over 38 tonnes of debris

Drift – The Whale

Meet “Drift” the Humpback, and learn how “Drift” has helped Campbell River get noticed in the Whale Watching Industry

Meet Our Members